Assignment 5 Final: Bryt: A music (albeit crude) music visualizer

For this assignment, I really wanted to explore the realm of music visualization. So I built a very simple a music visualizer that flashes an LED every time a new note occurs in a given piece of music. The music in the example is J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, aka the classic Dracula song for a little Halloween flavor.

My initial prototype just included 1 LED blinking every time the note changed but my final product now has different LEDs for each given note.

The biggest challenge that I had while working on this assignment was that I has to learn how to incorporate an external servo driver for all the LEDs I needed. The reason that I needed to use this driver was because the ardiuno board itself did not support more than 12 pins so more has to be added.

Below is the link to my project: (video is named: “PLAY ME.MOV”)

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