Assignment 5: Musical Objects

For this project, I integrated different musical melodies with objects around us. I wanted to use a set of objects with different weights, categorize them, and then produce separate musical identities of each object. While there is a range of objects available, only 3 sensors are available. So, different combinations using the objects produce slightly different experiences.

For the practice assignment, I used the playMelody Arduino tutorial  to be the tune set off by the ball and original backbone for the program (the weight is captured by an FSR). However I needed to change the program heavily to adapt for three sensors. The biggest challenge I faced was wiring the FSRs appropriately to the get solid and consistent readings.

Overall, I’m very happy with how the project turned out and learned a lot about sensors as well as programming this time around. If I were to improve, I would like to fine-tune the thresholds of the sensors and weights and also develop the program to play melodies in parallel with one another.


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