Assignment 5: Vampire’s Thrall





The first thing I had for this project was a series of shrieking speakers that shrieked harmonically, the frequencies of which could be raised and lowered with a potentiometer.
I wanted to make a series of tentacles that vacuum pumps would undulate uncomfortably, and would scream when touched.  However, depression was kicking my ass this week and I could barely keep lucid enough to make sense of code at all.  I ended up working with a heart rate monitor because it required less extra steps to make something spooky, because awareness of your own blood running through you is inherently creepy.

I wanted to have a wide variety of subtle atmospheric effects surrounding an alter-like sculpture, which would raise to a more anxiety inducing crescendo if they were reading someone’s rapid heart-rate.  Blinking LED eyes were to be a single element, not the central ones, but this is what I ended up with.

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