Assignment 5: Prototype for ”Treat for a Trick” (Title likely to change)

For this assignment, I am planning to play a creepy melody of a harmonic minor scale, and modify either of its speed or pitches depending on how close the user gets to an object through the sensing of a distance sensor.

This was inspired by the typical horror movie scenes, where a scene’s atmosphere intensifies as the creepy background music plays either faster or higher in pitch, while the camera gives a fast-paced, zooming-in shot of either a mysterious object or a character

To make it more Halloween-specific, I am trying to place a candy as the object that the user would be interacting with. As the user approaches closer and reaches out for the candy, the creepy melody will be playing more intensively.

As for the prototype, I’m changing the speed of the playing speed of a melody, as the distance read from the distance sensor becomes shorter (the user gets closer to the object).

Documentation in Google Drive (Fritz/Video/Code):

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