Assignment 7: Rough Prototype- 3D Drawing Cube

For my project, I’ve gotten a few separate parts of my project to work, but not all of them.

Projector & Unity (Works)

Unity has this weird thing where there’s not a built-in way to get the full gaming experience while in the editor (or at least, I haven’t found one yet), but there’s a way to maximize the game scene, and if I set up my laptop to do the “extended projection”, it’s close enough to what I would want it to be. When I build the actual cube, if I make it slightly smaller than the projected image, it should be fine.

Projector & Cube (Works- kind of)

Unfortunately, the projector that I’m using doesn’t have the range that I wanted it to have (in terms of projecting within a close distance). The closest I can have an in-focus image is about 4 feet, so that scraps my idea of having the projector inside the cube and reflecting the image with a mirror. That takes away a huge component of the streamlined-ness that I wanted my final project to have, so I’ll try to make it up in other ways (perhaps a physical interface rather than a virtual one, etc.). I’ve finally gotten the dimensions for my cube as well – should end up being around 14″ x 16″,  which means I might have to get stiffer cardstock when building it, I’m going to try to build it with what I have first.

Motor & Arduino (Doesn’t work yet)

This part is the most frustrating so far- I’ve spent hours trying to get my 12V stepper motor to work with Adafruit’s motor shield, but for some reason it’s just not working. I think that the issue might have to do with the power supply, but I’m not sure (will try to troubleshoot this some more in class). Without this key component working, I haven’t been able to work on getting Unity to interface with Arduino, which is what I see as the biggest challenge of the project, so this is definitely my top priority right now.

Leap Motion & Unity (Works)

Leap Motion has done a great job of streamlining its integration with Unity, so I’ve been able to get it to do the basic functions that I need so far (drawing, rotation with hand gestures, etc.).

Sorry I don’t have any pictures or videos- my phone camera died and I didn’t have time to check out a camera from Hunt beforehand.

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