Final Project Proposal: Bolaji Bankole


The idea that I want to portray with my project is general apathy/undirectedness being a detriment. The way I want to show this is by creating a robot that has clear goals to move to, but without outside intervention it move very lethargically, making random detours or stopping and is generally not very motivated.

However, motivation is not impossible to find, so if a viewer was to wave near the robot/nudge it in the right direction, it gets to where it needs to be faster.

  • A frame of some sort, probably laser cut in the end
  • Motors, probably continuous rotation servos
  • Various proximity sensors, PIR is right out.
  • At least one raspi, with servo hat
  • raspi camera
  • A couple of arduinos, lots of LEDs
  • Batteries

Obviously as I prototype, this is very subject to change

  • OpenCV on the raspi
  • Will need to be able to identify its targets, and then not only go to them, but not go to them.
  • Also needs to react to stimulus in a convincing and understandable way.

The first thing I’ll need to get working will be tracking the targets, because that is the most complex part and if it doesn’t work well, I’ll need time to come up with some other strategy. Then making the robot, and making it move to the targets, integrating the stimulus, and then allowing for multiple targets and signifying which one is active.

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