Provide a physical item that demonstrates your ability to 3D Model, prepare the model in a secondary 3D printing application, and 3D Print.


  • Prepare a 3D File in Rhinoceros 3D
  • Geometry should be Closed, Solid Polysurface
  • 3D print should be no less than (33) cubic cm (2 cu. in.)
  • Successfully export 3D Model as a valid-mesh, stereo-lithography file [.stl]
  • Successfully prepare 3D Print in NVBot Cloud -or- Zortrax Z-Suite
  • Submit documentation of your work (Rhino File; [.stl]; & images)

*READ ME* The following is a suggested project. You are NOT required to follow these guidelines. You may create your own original project if you prefer:

Using Rhinoceros 3D, create a 3D Model that exhibits porous qualities (i.e. sponge, moonrock, mesh, see Google image results). Successfully export geometry as [.stl] file-type and prepare in NVBot Cloud Interface or Zortrax Z-Suite. Send to printer.


* You have the option of using the Zortrax M200 -or- the NVBot for 3D Printing your models. You do NOT have to use both.


  • Zortrax M200: ABS Plastic, spool
  • NVBot: PLA Plastic, spool

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