These are the commands that we reviewed during our first (2) meeting times.

Text Command Drop Down Menu What?
Line Curve > Line > Single Line Single Segment Lines
Length Analyze > Length Length Measurments
Extend Curve > Extend Curve > Extend Curve Extend Curve
Polyline Curve > Polyline > Polyline Polylines
Hide/Show Edit > Visibility > Hide/Show
Rectangle Curve > Rectangle > Corner to Corner Rectangles and Squares
Lock/Unlock Edit > Visibility > Locking
Polygon Curve > Polygon > Center, Radius Polygons
Circle Curve > Circle Circle
Ellipse Curve > Ellipse Ellipse
Offset Curve > Offset > Offset Curves Offset
Distance Analyze > Distance Measuring Distances
Fillet Curve > Fillet Curves Fillet
FilletCorners Curve > Fillet Corners Fillet Corners
Chamfer Curve > Chamfer Curves Chamfer Curves
Explode Edit > Explode Explode
PointsOn/PointsOff Edit > Control Points > Control Points on/off
Move Transform > Move Move
Sel(variable) None > None Selection
Group/Ungroup Edit > Groups > Grouping
What Geometry Definition
Join Edit > Join Join
CloseCrv Curve > Curve Edit Tools > Close Curve Close Curve
Trim Edit > Trim Trim
Split Edit > Split Split
Scale Transform > Scale > Scale 3-D scale
Copy Transform > Copy Copy
Mirror Transform > Mirror mirror
Curve Curve > Freeform > Control Points Control Point Curve
InterpCrv Curve > Freeform > Interpolate Points Interpolate Curve
Arc Curve > Arc Arcs
Rotate Transform > Rotate Rotate
Point/Points Curve > Point Object Points
Text Dimension > Text Block Text
Dim Dimension > Linear Dimension dimension
Hatch Dimension > Hatch Hatch

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