NVBot Pro

There are (2) NVBot: NVPro 3D-Printers available for Student use, in the IDeATe Print Lab (A5b). The tabs below, provide relevant safety information, equipment specifications, and a 3D printing guide.


The following information provides details on known equipment hazards. Please, review and use the equipment safely!

i. Print Head Print Head operates at a Maximum Temperature of 225° C [437° F]. Do NOT touch the print head/nozzle!
ii. Print Platform Heated print platform’s operating temperature is 60° C [140° F].
i. Scraper 3D Printed parts are removed from the print platform with an automated scraper. Do not attempt to adjust, modify, or touch the scraper.
ii. Moving Parts Moving parts can crush and cut. Keep hands and clothing out of equipment work area at all times.
i. PLA Plastic Heating and extruding PLA Plastics emits 20 billion nano-particles per minute.
ii. CMU, Environmental Health & Safety Resource 3D Printing Safety Fact Sheet


The following information provides details on equipment specifications.

Print technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Workspace 190.5 x 203 x 241 mm [7.5 x 8 x 9.5 in.]
Layer resolution 100 microns
Material container Spool
Wall thickness Optimal: 800 microns
Resolution of a single printable point 100 microns
Material Diameter 1.75 mm [0.069 in]
Printing Speed 50 mm/s – 180 mm/s
Extruder maximum temperature 225° C [437° F] *See Safety: Heat Hazards (i)
Heated platform Yes *See Safety: Heat Hazards (ii)
Heated platform maximum temperature 60° C [140° F] *See Safety: Heat Hazards (ii)
Ambient Operating Temperature 20°-35° C [68°-95° F]
Support Material Printed from the same material as the model. Supports must be cut and/or trimmed away by hand.
Print Head(s) Single
Connectivity WiFi or Ethernet, Cloud Interface
Available materials PLA Plastic *See Safety: Breathing Hazards (i)
Software Bundle Web Browser (Google Chrome Recommended)
File types Stereolithography [.stl]


The following is a “quick” step-by-step guide, on how to use the NVBot: NVPro. Included are links to extended information & tutorials.

1. NVCloud Interface
i. Invite An invitation to use the equipment, is sent via email. Invitations are for students participating in IDeATe Courses only.
ii. Account Follow the instructions in the invitation email, and create an NVCloud Account. You must use your CMU Email account to retain access. (andrew.cmu.edu -or- cmu.edu)
iii. Access Bookmark or browse to my.nvbots.com. Login with your account info and you will have access to the NVPro 3D Printers.
iv. NVCloud Interface Get to know the NVCloud Interface.
i. Export Export your 3D Model as Stereolithography [.stl] file type.
ii. Upload Upload your [.stl] file into NVCloud
iii. Settings: Transforms Modify the scale, rotation, or units
iv. Settings: General Adjust print Quality, Strength or Support
i. Submission Submit your print job
ii. Review Process Review print job & estimated print cost
iii. Approval Process Print Job is approved by IDeATe
iv. Final Steps Print Job begins & completes, then retrieve