Looking Outwards 9

The this weeks focus on women and non-binary people in tech, I am looking at the work of Adrien Segal, specifically her series on Wildfire Progression. What I really like about it, and about all Segal’s work, is that her art says something as well as just being a beautiful thing. Her Wildfire progression series is meant to share details on how destructive the California wildfires have been. The pieces seem abstract but they are actually modeled using the data of where and how a notable wildfire grew. It’s haunting seeing these and understanding they are representations of thousands of acres burned, countless lives ruined, displaced, or even some sadly lost. Adrien herself is from Oakland, California so this work in particular is very close to home. She studied at the California College of Arts and is now currently a teacher there as well. Her other activist related art includes pieces on water rights and the polar ice caps.

Adrien Segal, Wildfire Progression

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