EJTECH – Soft Sound

I came across this project and thought it would be cool to share. Soft Sound combines sound with fabric in order to play with textiles as an audio-emitting surface, and to create multi-sensory interactions. For example, not only can the fabric project sound, but the vibrations caused by the sound interact with the textile, causing it to throb and move. Soft Sound creates “soft” speakers by applying laser or vinyl cut copper and silver coils onto fabric, and running alternating current through the coils.

50cm x 50 cm. Functional textiles, metallized laser cut textiles, magnet, amplifier, custom electronics.

I found this project inspiring because it was able to turn sound into a more tangible artifact, since you can feel the sound’s vibrations through the fabric. Think of all the ways this technology can be applied to a variety of different uses! It’s truly inspiring. From e-textiles for wearable technology, to more traditional applications at home and everyday, this project is really interesting.

Check out more cool work by EJTECH here.

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