Assignment 2: Find and Solve a problem

Find and Solve a problem, due 11:59pm, 2 Sep, 2019.  Please start a new post in the category for Assignment 2.

Details following the example I showed in class:

Find a problem to solve:   No Audio Feedback When Configuring a Washing Machine

Describe the general solution:  Washing machine should have audio feedback when buttons are pushed that provides more information than a simple “beep” notification.  Washing machine should also describe its current status on command  using voice to relate the values of the LED displays.

Proof of Concept:  an Arduino with switches, LEDs, and a speaker with a state machine of a washing machine.  Pushing buttons causes the LEDs to change and plays a sample on the speaker stating the status of a configuration.  Example:  temperature control selection plays samples of water temperature, “Hot”, “Medium”, “Cold”, “Tap Cold”.

Fritzing Sketch

Arduino Sketch

Photos / videos of the proof of concept.

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