10-12 Crit & Mimi


Today, October 12, is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, for which it is appropriate to read our Land Acknowledgement.

  • 2:45-3:50pm: Gestural (Soli App) Project Critique (using Google Doc)
  • 4:00-5:00pm: Mimi Onuoha visit (be sure to have questions)
  • 5:00pm+: Early dismissal and/or individual meetings

Gestural (Soli App) Project Critique

  • We will have thirteen 5-minute presentations.
  • Each presenter should be prepared to share their screen, or direct Golan to do so. (If you share your screen and want to play a video with sound, remember to click the “share sound” checkbox.)
  • Sticks, Junebug, and Mokka are excused from presenting and will submit their projects later.
  • The presentation order will be: Yanwen, Toad2, Thumbpin, Tale, Sweetcorn, Shoez, Pinkkk, OodBird, Miniverse, Marimonda, Gregariosa, Axol, Lampsauce.
  • During each person’s presentation, the rest of us will provide feedback in this Google doc.
  • Please note that Google folks may provide additional written feedback at a later time, based on your blog posts.