10-28 Snap Lens Workshop


There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. 

      • In light of our readings, we acknowledge our (new media artists’) complicity in normalizing face tracking, and our ambivalence in relation to its applications (art, entertainment, …carceral surveillance)
      • We acknowledge of our vulnerability as creators in using the corporate sandboxes of platform capitalism, such as Snap Lens Studio, Google Media Pipe, etc.
      • OK!…Now let’s have fun with our faces!


CMU BCSA alumna Char Stiles, an expert live-coding artist and shader programmer, will lead a workshop on creating face masks in Snap Lens Studio. Char is a resident artist at Snap Inc., where she works on the development of AR Snapchat filters. Prior to her workshop, you should:

Code from Char’s workshop:
// @input Component.Image image

var event = script.createEvent("MouthOpenedEvent");
event.faceIndex = 0;
var lightsOut = false;
event.bind (function (eventData)
    if (lightsOut){
        script.image.mainPass.baseColor = new vec4(0,0,0,0.0); 
    else {
        script.image.mainPass.baseColor = new vec4(0,0,0,0.85);
    lightsOut = !lightsOut