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Das Is – Virtual Reality Therapy

Better Look at the project on Chelley Sherman’s website

Das Is is a piece where the audience is in a space where they have lost their sense of “being” and/or “thingness” but still being able to communicate with the space. Chelley bases this idea off of the therapeutic process called EMDR where you reprocess traumatic imagery. Basically, her project allows the player/user to explore an afterlife shifting through space through portals as their very own disembodied self. To give some background, Chelley Sherman often studies neuroscience and psychoacoustics and utilizes them in her artwork.

What I particularly like about this work is the fact that the player/user is put in a position where they feel like they are physically confronting death and the idea of mortality. They travel across this surreal landscape containing these diverse planes of memories and sensory fragments(audio, visual).