mokka – ARSketches

  1. Blinking/flashing hands

    I rarely leave my room so… I thought of the things that I interact with on an average day(my laptop, chair, desk, light switch, etc.) and I imagined blinking/flashing handprints on the areas I interact with the most on an average day. Almost like (!)pings for tasks in a game. Inspired by my very own window:

    dirty window :”D
  2. Spinning coins leads me to my daily morning coffee.
    Path of the coins(represented as static circles for now) example:
    Just using this as a way to remind myself that even just getting up and making a simple coffee should feel like a reward.
  3. Ghost?
  4. Me + Tree: One Day – a last minute idea just came up(hideous sketch ahead): a figure just lying against a tree in my backyard asleep.