Metronome- Dr. Mario

A rhythmic fighting game where you have to copy your opponent’s musical piece to reflect the damage back at them!

The closer you are to matching the notes the less damage you take and the more damage you deal.

The graphics are really bad right now and my goal is to make it much more visually appealing, this is just a proof of concept.  I will also be adding more songs, multiple verse fights, menu systems and some other quality changes for the final submission on May 11th.



Devlog 1: May 11th Update

I have made quite a few quality of life changes already:

  • fixed the damage numbers so they show after each note is hit
  • damage pop ups that show how much damage was dealt and to who
  • buttons to show which row is which and to show if you’re pressing down on it or not
  • Notes now spawn in from the creation lines instead of popping up
  • fixed scaling issues with the UI
  • Fixed a turn based bug that caused nothing to happen if you pressed the button too early, now a fail SFX plays
  • Notes no longer trail of the screen if you don’t hit them and instead do full damage


Future changes:

  • Popups that tell you how well you hit the note (Good, perfect, Bad)
  • directional variability on where the damage numbers fall
  • Full Battle, multiple music sheets that loop until the enemy or you die.
  • Start screen
  • End screen

Bonus Goals:

  • Multiple levels
  • Art instead of default sprite
  • Music sheet from music input




Here is my final project for Metronome:

You can access it using the link and the password: 60212, if that doesn’t work please message me. I also only built it for windows so if someone wants a mac version just let me know.

This is a fully completed demo that shows off how one combat would feel like. Though lacking in the artistic aspects, I believe it shows off my idea pretty well. Let me know if any bugs are found.





Dr. Mario-BackgroundResearch

One of my biggest worries was that I would need to find all the individual piano keys to make my notes, good thing the university of Iowa has all the notes from C0 to C8 ( The difficulty now will just be in modifying the notes for them to last different lengths.

I also found a metronome implementation:
And after those two minutes of searching this github page showed me another way Unity tracks time using AudioSettings.dspTime which is interesting.

With these two things already done for me I think completing the project will be much easier.


I wanted to go for Golan’s idea of making a one button game. For this I wanted to maximise the fun for this minimal input, my initial reaction was to do something rhythmic or reaction based like geometry dash. However, the mechanics there are a little too simple and basic to the point I’d mostly have to focus on the looks of the piece instead which isn’t what I want to do.

The conclusion was to mix up this rythmic aspect with a combo game, inputs could be based on timing with a moving bar or sheet music where holding or tapping a note could make a difference in full damage attacks or weakened ones. I think the hardest part would be getting all the sound effects for the notes to play when you tap, I’d have to figure out if there was an open database with notes to use already. I think timing wouldn’t be too difficult with the use of timers and maybe an overarching metronome that controls all the time in the game.

Some reach goals could be adding a defending part where you match the notes of the enemy, a fury attack which could  be similar to a solo (but with no way to control the pitch of the sound it would just be a one button mash), making it look nice (proper effects on hit, a pulse metronome in the corner, etc…)

Dr. Mario – AugmentedBody

Nose Dodger:



This is a game about dodging and eating using your nose to guide the player and your mouth to eat the food.

And here’s what it looks like while you’re playing:


This was such a fun project, I was a little worried about how it would turn out while I was working on it, but once I got the base mechanics in I had blast throwing my face around the screen to dodge the projectiles. The face detection is a little weird at times but I figured out how to get mouth open and closed, my function could also be easily changed to get the distance from the screen to the face. I think handsfree.js has a lot of versatility and I will definitely be returning to it in the future.

Dr. Mario – facereadings

One of the things I thought was really cool was this work by Bruno Munari:

It was meant to show how little we really needed to portray a face and it reminded me a lot of non-human cartoon characters that have weird forms but we can still tell where the face is and the emotions its showing.


The other thing I found interesting was the project Artifacial:

It think its pretty weird to have an externally controlled face, and I have no idea what the uses would be, but it was cool to see the control they had on each different muscle in the face using the nodes. It must be really weird to be the guy getting his face shifted.


It was very confusing at first as the link on the website gave a different version to the one in the video tutorial, and the one on the website didn’t work. Once I got it working though it was pretty interesting, very similar to the app WOMBO Dream. It was a little slow but the outcomes were pretty interesting.

The prompt is “Magic Tower”

Dr. Mario – TextSynthesis

“We’re trying to get all the central parties to agree on the relative rankings, then the ratings will be assessed by the independent people,” Botolo said, referring to an expert commission.

Botolo said at least three other contenders will also vie for the top job.
Ethiopia has won global praise for its democratic credentials in recent years, but the ruling coalition has faced mounting dissent in the countryside, as many young people complain of political and economic marginalization.
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has been in power since 2012, but appears to be close to resignation after the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) party, his longtime ally, split over the summer.
TPLF is the largest of the coalition parties. Hailemariam resigned in February citing what he called threats to his life and a struggle to keep the ruling coalition united.
– Growing ethnic violence –
The mass protests that initially erupted over land rights and politics are now focused on wider grievances.
Ethiopia has nearly 100 ethnic groups, and recent ethnic violence in
various parts of
– this was from InferKit
That was kinda scuffed, “-Growing ethnic violence-“. I was expecting something much more light hearted.
Big Chungus was a huge, green, sausage-like creature that lived in the swamp. He loved to suck the toes of small animals, and he would often kidnap them and bring them back to his house to eat.
– this was from Narrative Device
Now this is what I was expecting! If you couldn’t guess my themes were Big Chungus and sucking toes, I think the tool did a wonderful job

Dr. Mario – LookingOutwards03

I chose Metamers (2018) by Dani Joy


They call this style “Augmented Hand” which I thought was a very interesting perspective on AI drawing. This was a two year project that attempted to enhance their own traditional art skills and tools for large scale gallery paintings.  They used tools like pix2pix, photoshop and python to bring these creations to life. I really like the lively colours and shapes, they all seem to have this geometric aspect to them that I find very pleasing.