I feel like I definitely spent way too much time on this, but I think it came out well. Originally, I had this stipple effect on each rent shape that looked pretty interesting, but it just turned out to be too taxing and the gif would come out super stutters and have a huge file size. I think in the future I would like to experiment with stipple/ dithering shading, but I would probably need to use shaders instead of regular p5.js shapes.




The main bone of the fish does not flow with the rest of the body. I can’t think of a way to coordinate all these with `rect`. I have already spent too much time on this piece. So I decided to move on.
Here is my stylus and electronic-paper sketch. Hope it is fine.


Rectangular Trap on Openprocessing

The process of creating this work came more naturally; it was different from my initial ideas. I initially intended to create a flower that blossoms infinitely by rotating rectangles around its corners. Yet, as I created this piece, I wanted to play around with the straight edges of the rectangles, which is how I came to create my final piece. I believe I have succeeded in creating multiple shapes with a simple repetition (and creating an infinite loop!) by allowing the objects to layer on top of each other. The use of simple colors has added to this effect with some objects having the same color as the background. Although I personally enjoy the simplicity of this piece, I wonder if this piece is too simple in that it lacks detailed motion: all the objects included in this piece move around the origin. I think it would also have been an interesting experience if I proceeded with my first two ideas shown in the sketch.


OpenProcessing Link

I feel like I succeeded in making the snowman move smoothly with a rhythm that is not linear, but I just found out that the snowflakes seem to have a “hiccup”. I didn’t notice it when viewed in OpenProcessing. I’ll try to fix it when I have time. 😉


starry – Loop

OpenProcessing link: https://openprocessing.org/sketch/1466088

I feel that I succeeded in making the design graphic while still giving off the feeling of a grassy landscape, as I liked that I was able to use three colors and still have some sense of depth. I also liked how the viewer is kind of able to tell it’s grass blowing in the wind, but I don’t think the movement was as accurate as I wanted to be. A lot of the process of creating the motion was very guess and check, so I feel that I didn’t have as much control over the design as I wanted and it was very much up to the computer. I also feel like the movement of the grass in the background is a little wonky, and overall the piece doesn’t give off the peaceful / meditative feeling I wanted it to because the movement is jittery.


Yes, I forgot about the rect requirement. I don’t think it’s possible to refactor this with rect so you just have to live with it.

I made this bobbing thing in the hope that it will make a nice loading icon and a switch (with slight modification.)  The idea came from the motion of two water droplets combining in a weightless environment. It presented some very interesting control challenges and still has some issues (especially fine-tuning the parameters and having more customer shaping functions)  that I would like to fix when I have the time.




Sketch on OpenProcessing

Last year, I made a looping gif of a bee circling a jar of honey. I originally wanted to do something similar for this project, with a fish swimming around in a fish tank. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I gave up and decided to quickly just make a circle (or rect, rather, but you get what I mean) that gets bigger and smaller. Once I made it, I felt it was a little TOO easy and plain, so I just made the colors switch every time the rectangle reached its minimum and maximum size.

The loop definitely works seamlessly, but it is very boring and plain, which I’m a little sad about! I did the best I could with the very limited time I have though, so I’m glad it at least meets the requirements! One of my goals was to make the loop seamless without using animLoop, which I did do!

(An obviously outdated original sketch)

duq – Loop


I feel like I did a good job of achieving my overall goal, to create a series of nested, rotating squares that intermittently blend into the background. I do feel however, I did a poor job on the details of my piece. I wanted to keep the piece monochromatic, but I think a brighter grey might have worked better and not made the piece feel sad. I think I should have also increased the size of the animation relative to the frame. Overall I feel like I achieved making a piece that is confusing to look at, a hope that I had after looking at the sample pieces by David Whyte, but I did not make it interesting enough to look at.





Colored (video):

This piece exists in a shaded color version as well as this black and white version. I had originally set out to make a colored gif because my idea was to create an image of pulsing intestines. The colored version looks more like actual intestines because it looks more three dimensional with the shadows, but I think the lines on the monochrome one are sufficient in giving the allusion of 3D. The project is also interactive in that the user can draw their own version. I think the noise makes this successful in looking “alive”, but it does not give off a clear image of intestines, as I had originally intended.