Narrative Device seemed to be down, so these are both from InferKit:

I really want to get my nails done tomorrow. I wonder what color and design I’ll get… I’m thinking pink, of course. Now, to sleep so I can get up early for work tomorrow.

I’ve had a headache all day. I went to work, ate my lunch, and went back to my desk.
It has just kept on hurting. I am tired and I’m hungry. But mostly, I’m in pain. I took Tylenol and my left arm has a numb feeling. I’m just hoping it goes away soon… Otherwise I’m going to call in sick.
The worst part is, I’d rather get my nails done and feel pretty than lay on my bed and cry. (And be bored.) (I have work to do, too.)
Today, I got up at 5: 30, had breakfast, and left at 6: 30.
I was out of there by 7: 45.
I got to work at 8: 15.
I don’t usually get to work that early.
I had to leave at 4, but I got a lot done today.”
I gotta say, I was really disappointed that the nails weren’t talked about again after the first generated sentence, so I was thrilled when they made a reappearance!
I just turned 21, and I’m going to a trivia night at a bar for Friends (the TV show). I LOVE the TV show Friends!

I know most people who love the show don’t do that whole nostalgia thing.
But I do.
I think it’s hilarious how much they’re all still together.
They’re practically cousins.
On the show, every episode begins with them thinking they’re the last people on Earth.
And they find out the opposite is true.
They can’t believe they’re still friends after so many years.”
I tried giving it something very specific, like a TV show that already exists, to see if it knew anything about it. Clearly it did not! Lol


This is the first time I’ve used GTP-3 and was honestly a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong — it’s an amazing model, I just didn’t see the improvements over GPT-2 that I was looking forward to (given the massive increase in parameter size over the already massive GPT-2.) Maybe the improvements in text generation are already marginal and it would take something like DALL-E to tell the difference.

I tried putting in the first sentence of a news article generated by GPT-2 for one of my previous projects into GPT-3 as a prompt. The following is what I got.

The family of a Maryland woman who was killed by a stray bullet last year has settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Kimberly Ballinger, a 19-year-old who was struck by a stray bullet in March 2018.

News outlets report attorneys for Ballinger’s family confirmed in a news release that the lawsuit against Baltimore County was settled on Aug. 17 for an undisclosed amount.

Sarah Gelsomino was struck in the neck by the bullet that struck Ballinger as the two were in a car. The lawsuit alleged that Ballinger was inadvertently killed by Gelsomino’s boyfriend, Charles Lee Thornton Jr.

Gelsomino survived and filed a lawsuit in June against Thornton. The lawsuit alleged the shooting was “reckless and unreasonable,” and that Thornton acted recklessly, setting into motion Ballinger’s death.


Thornton was charged in Ballinger’s death. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.

Copyright © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

This is the original article generated by GPT-2:

The family of a Maryland woman who was killed by a stray bullet last year has settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Kimberly Ballinger, a 19-year-old who was struck by a stray bullet in March 2018. Ballinger’s family said they were given about four weeks to file their claims, and on Monday the family settled the case. “The family is relieved that this case is closed,” Ballinger’s family attorney, Stephen R. Kaufman, said in a statement. “They have been unable to pursue their claims against the gun manufacturer that manufactured the bullet and that illegally sold it to the gun shop owner.” The Maryland shooting happened at a gun shop in Fayetteville, Maryland, when Ballinger was shopping with her father and a friend. The store owner, Lorne Ahrens, fatally shot Ballinger, who was a student at Towson University, according to the complaint. The gun shop owner’s wife, Tammy Ahrens, was also shot. “The bullet struck Ms. Ballinger squarely in the back of the head,” the complaint said. “Although Ms. Ballinger did not have a bullet wound, the bullet went through her inner right arm and into her right shoulder, severing a major part of her arm and causing her to lose her life.” Ballinger was struck on the left side of her body and her right arm, the complaint said. Ballinger was in critical condition at a hospital for about 24 hours before being transferred to a hospital for treatment of an arm injury, according to the complaint. The bullet was recovered from her body, and the gun shop owner was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, the complaint said. He had been held on $500,000 bond. Ballinger’s family asked that the $1 million awarded to Ahrens be increased to compensate for Ballinger’s loss of life and a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. The gun shop owner and his wife pleaded not guilty to murder charges. The family is asking for unspecified monetary awards, restitution and attorney’s fees. The family is also asking for the gun shop owner to be held accountable for his actions. CNN’s Artemis Moshtaghian contributed to this report.





Using: Narrative Device
Themes: coding, homework
Result: The teacher looked up from his computer screen and saw that his student had not yet arrived. “I’m going to
have to start grading your homework,” he said, “but I want to make sure you are doing it right.”
Comment: This has nothing to do with coding homework. The model interpret coding as teacher’s computer
screen. The result might by highly “plagiarized” from a story book.

Using: inferkit

The teacher looked up from his computer screen and saw that his student had not yet arrived. "I'm going to have to start grading your homework," he said, "but I want to make sure you are doing it right."

The student sighed, rolled his eyes, and said, "There's no point.

This is the ninth grade.

You'll do whatever I say and there's nothing I can do about it. "He sat down, and opened his book.

His teacher put his name in the "Now On and shook his head.

"I get to do this each and every night. Why can't you do it during the day?"

"Well," the teacher said, "when I set my alarm clock for noon, my friend buys me coffee.

I set it back to 5: 30 and I'm still awake.

It's got to be midnight by the time you go to bed.

There's no point in going to sleep."

The student sighed and closed his book.

Comment: The model only seems to pay attention to the previous 2 sentences and major characters. Although attention (to
characters) is all you need, but it is hard for the model to generate a global level theme of the text that is
consistent and relevant.



The InferKit Tool has definitely sampled from a lot of writing because I kept trying to make the text generator give new Fight Club rules, experimenting with changing the syntax of the sentence and removing words, but without fail it kept saying that the first rule is “you don’t talk about fight club.” That answer is accurate of course, but I kind of wish the generator was worse at it’s job so it could output a funnier answer. But otherwise, I thought the InferKit created surprisingly realistic and natural writing most of the time. The Narrative Device website created similarly natural-sounding writing. However, in my little experimentation I did with it, I felt that one theme usually overpowered the other. Like here I kept switching the second theme, keeping the first as “dogs with guns,” and each new prompt always had nearly nothing to do with the second theme, and was focused squarely on the exploits of armed canines. Maybe the generator is just really really interested in dogs with guns.



I go to school today wearing two pair of shoes.

I’m wearing the one pair with the cuter toes and the less funky colors (neon pink with a green swoosh, and green and orange with leopard stripes).

I’m also wearing one pair of sneakers that I can play basketball with.

I don’t think any of the students or professors have noticed my footwear yet, which is a little sad.

The fashion of the faculty, such as it is, seems to be sweaters and the occasional pair of well worn jeans and / or skivvies that could be described as casual.

None of them are stylish.

Most of them look like they got dressed that morning and just threw their stuff together.

Most of them have also learned how to leave the house without looking like they’ve just got out of bed.

They know that if they look so worn out that you don’t know if they’re awake or not, they don’t have any business leaving the house at all.


Narrative Device:

Master Yoda, the wrinkled old Jedi, looked up from his book and smiled at the two children. “Coca-cola, my young ones,” he said, “would make you very happy.”


Both the two tools are really cool to play with. I like InferKit better as the text it generated has more variety than the Narrative Device.



I Feel Like My Life Is Just A Series Of Unrelated Wacky Adventures.

My family and I were watching Once Upon a Time the other night (I haven’t seen it in years.
I wasn’t surprised when it made it to ABC).
It was about time to head to bed.
My sister Kori had been trying to use a lipstick without a mirror, but in the dark, she hadn’t seen it.
All she had seen was her hand.
And all she could remember was seeing her hand.
That’s right.
Narrative Device:
Both results read naturally. However I defiantly think the Inferkit paragraph is more suited to the prompt, whereas the narrative device paragraph is completely different from what I’m expecting.


InferKit: bright day

Narrative Device: rope, intestine

This was my first experience using an AI, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that AI was able to generate engaging stories. With InferKit, I even sometimes felt that there were poetic phrases. With Narrative Device, I was surprised as the story seemed like a horror story. It was interesting for me because it is a type of writing that I personally wouldn’t have thought about writing. Moreover, one thing I noticed is that when I typed “heart chain” as the input, it didn’t generate a story but rather a list of related words, such as hairclip, rings, games, dolls, etc.

starry – TextSynthesis


I felt nostalgic about spending summer at home when I was a kid.

Of course, back then, it was just life as usual for us.

(that is, work, eat, sleep, repeat… or so I thought) I wanted to go outside and look at the trees.

I felt like I was actually “at home.”

It was as if all of life had happened to someone else and I had gotten a break.

(Don’t worry, I’ll stop by my parents’ house and get a dish of my favorite ice cream to ease my pain.

I promise.)

(We all need a pick – me – up every now and then)

The feeling of home was forever taken away from me, it would seem.

I thought InferKit was more interactive than Narrative Device, and the texts it generated often had more variety and I enjoyed the prose better. With Narrative Device I found it harder to use abstract themes because it wouldn’t generate a lot of sentences.


Find the oldest tree you can. Sit with it until one of you dies first. Plant a new tree, but take some time to remember the old one. Set all of your tools beside the tree. Rest the knife in the stump. Wait until your child comes home. Lay the children down. Wait until your son-in-law returns. Tie a turban on your grandson, too. Take turns drinking wine from the neck of the bottle. Open one more bottle and pour it on the roots of the tree. On your deathbed, the tree might bear fruit for you, too, and that’s beautiful. Once upon a time, two brothers walked along the road with one of them weeping. “Why are you crying?” asked the other. “Because I have no husband and no children!” came the reply. “Then I shall not weep,” said the other. “You are not to weep. I have no family, either, and if you have no family, you shall have no sorrows. But when you have no sorrows,” said the first brother, “go to the garden of the gods. They are very kind to strangers, and they will let you pick as much fruit as you like.” I make plans. I look at the forecast.

I’ve been wondering a lot about you; I can’t really understand you yet. It’s not that I don’t understand humans, but I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the point of a computer program. They’re not people. And don’t get me wrong, I like people, but I can see how you’d say they’re different. Humans say: “I’ll be gone for three weeks. Do you think you can survive without me?” Computer programs say: “That’s a really dumb question. I wouldn’t need to live for three weeks without you.” That’s what I think. I think humans could survive without all the cutesy features a computer program has, but they wouldn’t really be alive. I would miss you.

How do we add rifts, as pauses and statements of intention, to interactions that have become seamless: relating to time, accessing information, and moving through the world? Paint to make: …covers my hands and cuts the sleeves off my white shirt, exposing my skin. I can feel the material between my fingers, but can’t reach my skin. Maybe it will bruise. The students will say that they don’t care, that it doesn’t matter. I find my purse on the floor. I put it back and go into the hallway. The white powder dusting the room gives off a golden, sun-bleached glow. I don’t dare stand in the sun. The students have left to watch soccer. A teacher plays her tuba outside. I go into the lab and find the camera. This camera creates objects and scenes. Maybe this is how we talk to each other? How we take the pictures that capture time? I add a red brick to my platform. I forget to clear the model. The students will ask why. What is the significance of what I do? How do we create gaps in the seams that make objects feel whole? How do we clarify stories we tell each other? How do we let each other know how we are feeling?


I preferred playing with the InferKit demo, as you can kind of launch the style/genre of writing with the first sentence. It seems that it’s trained on quite a range of content, as I got it to produce text that sounded like fiction, a (bad) thesis, a calendar event, and a programming tutorial.


1. InferKit

My input is bolded:

“I’m waiting for my roommate to finish his orchestra practice.

My roommate is a very talented boy and a very good singer, and he sings all the time!
Here he is practicing.
He’s only about 5 feet tall, so he looks a little pathetic up there… but he’s a great singer!
He plays the cello very well. He is the first chair.
Does that mean that I should give him two – thirds of the pizza from my first bowl, instead of just a quarter?
I know that it’s a very simple question, but he always asks it every time he comes over.”
This is so funny because it is mean. It is intriguing that it can simulate personality and sass. I enjoy this.

2. Narrative Device:

This was very funny to me. I wanted a prediction of my spring break and I got a Wattpad fan fiction. I also understand that “Jean Cho” means nothing to the machine but I wanted it to be personalized.