Assignment 3: Emma Brennan

This project displays a bodily response to an emotion or action. The solenoids under a latex membrane respond to light changes as the hand gets closer to the photoreceptor. This simulates chills as the hand gets close to the ‘skin’. The main thing I learned is to utilize simple code to check for circuit issues.

Here is the zip file for my process and final work:

Brennan_Emma_Assignment03_solenoid 2



2 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Emma Brennan”

  1. I thought this was a great idea for this project, one of the most original and potentially most effective at displaying an “emotion”. Most people tended to overexagerate this, and yours remained subtle enough to be respectful but still understood. The physical construction of the piece could have used some work, a more stable container and perhaps something more reactive like a semi-taught cloth could have really elevated the overall feeling. In terms of electronics, I thought it worked fairly well, but I would have like to see more solenoids to display it! and perhaps having it be more of a toggle-action so you could leave your hand on the photoresitor and have the solenoids continously fire vs having to tap repeatedly could have made the interaction more pleasurable. Overall very nice though 🙂

  2. Hi Emma! I really liked this idea, especially because you wanted to explore something that was very sense based, rather than a pure representation of emotion. Like the previous comment, I enjoyed how it was an interesting and subtle take on the assignment.

    Given everything, I think the solenoids totally worked if the temperature and intensity didn’t stand as a problem. However, one thing I would suggest is rigging some form of a frame for the ‘skin’ that could cover the electronics a bit more- I think this is one of those cases where the presentation can make or break the experience and I think I became more distracted by the irregularity of the housing rig instead of seeing the parts and pieces as a cohesive message (I’m totally guilty of the same problem).

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