Bryt 3.0 – An Endless Melody – Final Project

For my final project, I explored music visualization with the arduino with LEDs and mirrors to create unique visual effects. My project has the ability to visualize music on the go through a 3.5 mm audio jack.



For my final project, I was really interested in music visualization and sound representation so I decided to build an Arduino-controlled LED music visualizer. I got most of my inspiration from the lights in the Hunt library’s stairwell but wanted to make something different.

So I made a light-up infinity mirror from clear acrylic, an LED strip, a 2-way mirror film, and some super-reflective mirror sheets. The lights surrounding the mirror are RGB, fully controlled with the Arduino. The flashing and color changing of the lights correspond to the music in real time.

In order to get music visualization working, I used a microphone that listens to songs played from the speakers and interprets when the bass is running. From then, I just programmed the Arduinos to change the colors of the LEDs depending of the music.

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