Halloween Special Project 5

So I finally bit the bullet and watched the exorcism the other week to get in the holiday spirit. Its safe to say that movie is horrifying, so why not recreate one of the most pivotal scenes (pun intended). I decided to rig a baby doll to spin its head 360 degrees while also emitting some pretty unpleasant sounds. I found a baby doll at a local goodwill and from there took its built in button and dialog and rewired it into my bread board in order to use the switch to trigger its pre recorded sayings as well as my components. When its foot is pressed a speaker in its back will begin to let out a wailing sound as a servo begins to turn its head 360 degrees. It will spin until the sound ends. Each time you press the foot you also get a creepy randomized saying from the baby (that of which came with the doll). If I were to do it over again I would have tinkered with the speaker I added and mess with the frequency. Secondly I wish I resolved the head rotation so that every 2 times you press its foot the head will come around to its original forward facing position, now it ends where ever the sound stops.

google drive to process-https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_JEXda9ZXwvcDhtOEZuSG4ydG8?usp=sharing

youtube video-


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