project 4 a story through motion

For this project I wanted to tell a story through motion. I have always been fascinated with the idea of zoetropes and how they really were the first moving picture. My final iteration was that I was going to have two buttons that would control the speed of a DC motor powering the zoetrope. The faster you click the buttons (sort of like dancing with them) the faster they would go. I wanted the end experience to be as if you are dancing with them and they are mimicking your speed. However I ran into many an issue that would inturn make me question doing this project the way I did it again. First off, I had a lot of trouble with motors, either they were too fast or two slow and in the code I wanted the speed you clicked the buttons to be able to ramp up or down the motor. Unfortunately these motors would only slow down to 128 making it impossible to achieve my final goal. None the less I have a working zoetrope that starts and stops when you dance with them.

video link (the dancing in the zoetrope doesn’t translate well to video)-¬†

code and etc-

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