Project 6: Final Project Proposal **Now in Technicolor**

As someone who suffers from variations of moods to put it very plainly I resort to color in my day-to-day life to brighten my mood or change the way I feel about myself. How can color be a projection of you and can it really make you alter your current state? I want to make something larger scale, to the point were a person could fit inside. My concept would be a light installation that you step inside and cameras can detect what color you are wearing and once detected change the lights in the environment to match the color. I am currently debating if I should have pre assigned lab coats one would put on of simple jewel tones or if I should allow people to enter wearing what ever they are wearing and having the lights respond from there (I might not have the skill to be able to pull that off). I feel that with pre assigned colors I will have a greater degree of control of the environment.


  • Color changing light bulbs (maybe the Phillips hues bulbs because those can be programmed)
  • Some kind of body sensing camera
  • And an enclosed box I would make (thank goodness I’m product design haha)

Software- As of right now I am still figuring that out. Probably something that can also connect to the light bulbs like IFTTT or just the Phillips hues app.


  1. Get the camera to sense movement and just turn 1 light on
  2. Get the camera to sense 1 color and have it turn 1 light on to match that color
  3. Get the camera to sense 1 color and have it turn 2 lights on to match that color
  4. Get the camera to understand there are 3 (maybe 4) colors being worked with and have it be able to sense at least 2 and have lights act accordingly.
  5. Camera can now detect all 4 different colors and lights act accordingly.
  6. Get lab coats with specific colors
  7. Build box
  8. Attach lights and camera and lab coats
  9. Polish!

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