Project Proposal: Hourglass

Abstract / concept statement

Concept 01

My concept is to create a timepiece that reveals the qualitative fluidity of time passing. The form and interaction will be inspired by an hourglass. I want the series of pieces to be able to respond to each other and spark a chain reaction of movement. This will be done using a changing balance in weight.

Concept 02

Create an hourglass that can change the timer amount. When a certain amount of time is chosen, the hourglass can accurately adjust the amount of sand that is needed. The intention is for the interaction to be very physical.

  • Servos
  • Solenoids
  • Motor
  • Transistors
  • Force sensor
  • Weight analysis that connects weight to specific actions
  • Servo control and positioning
Order of construction and testing
  1. Develop sketches to figure out logistics of overall hourglass
  2. Plan ways that glass can interact with the hardware, and be hidden so the form does not reveal the technology
  3. Figure out how to use hardware to change the amount of sand (aperture form?)
  4. ^^create multiple prototypes with this interaction, it will be the most crucial development
  5. design the enclosure that will hold the glass form
  6. Have people test out form and see if it is understandable / has the right affordances
  7. Fix all the things that didn’t work
  8. repeat 7 and 8 with a few other people
  9. make an information poster for the final show
  10. write up my artist’s statement for the final show
Potential Issues
  • Will the sand affect the hardware?
  • Will the glass be able to integrate well with the wood and hardware?
  • How will the piece be maintained / opened to be fixed if necessary
  • How to mask mechanical servo movement and integrate fluidity into form
  • Does the hourglass even need to use an Arduino? Is it about accuracy?
  • Once the timer is started, is there a reset response?

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