LO 9

Website: https://claudiahart.com/Alice-XR-2019
Artist: Claudia Hart
Work: https://claudiahart.com/Alice-Unchained-XR-2018
Year: 2018

The artist that I wanted to research this week was Claudia Hart. Hart attended NYU and was an early adopter of virtual imaging, using 3D animation to make media installations and projections. She creates work that discusses digital technology and critiques media through a feminist lens. One project in particular that I found interesting is titled “Alice XR: A Machine For Thinking”.
This work is a room installation that consists of projections and is accessed using a VR headset. One thing I find particularly interesting is that this room is a room for thinking, repose, and contemplation. Often with these works, artists want to create an experience for users that is interesting and unique, but with this work, she wants to create an experience that allows people to contemplate their life. The combination of motion, music, and visuals in this virtual space merges to create a very visceral experience. In terms of design, I think that the use of color and imagery that Hart created is very beautiful because of how bright and vivid it is.

Alice XR: A Machine For Thinking

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