Transistor Sword Rough Crit


Transistors:It so turns out that the MOSFETs were not very functional transistors, and a Darlington Array transistor (UM2003) was used instead. Independent continuity of each R, G, B, pin and MOSFET circuit was tested, but there seemed to be a perpetual issue with connectivity. The lights responded well to code after the switch to the Darlington Array transistor.

Pulse Sensor: The pulse sensor used the code from but the threshold was set at 550, while the readings from the pulse sensor ranged from 900 to 10, since there was much noise. Even if someone’s hand was close but not on the sensor, a “pulse” was detected. To prevent the lights from pulsing when there was only noise and no real pulse, I included another pulseSwitch, a momentary switch that had to be activated, in addition to the corruptSwitch being inactive.

Getting Corrupt Mode (corruptSwitch == LOW)  to stay red: I have some trouble writing the code to exit the loop and end with the LEDs staying in the red state. I tried using booleans and conditionals but can not seem to get it right.

The circuitry has been completed for this project but the code could use some tweaks.

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