Assignment 07:

Updated Hourglass Concept:

An hourglass that resembles how time is passing in its environment. The speed of sand falling depends on how much movement occurs around it.

Rough Draft Prototype:

Sketches are developed that outline the overall form of the hourglass, including how the technology will be embedded in the form. I used a previously made model of a laser cut aperture to change the amount of sand that will potentially flow through. I still need to add another cover for the lens so the pieces do not fall out, especially when the hourglass is flipped. I also need to solidify how the tech will be securely (drilled?) into the wooden casing. I am also considering adding another variable (ex. sound) to control how the sand will fall (not sure if it will get too complicated if I want to affect how the sand falls, rather than just the amount of sand falling).

To Do:

  1. design the enclosure that will hold the glass form
  2. Have people test out form and see if it is understandable / has the right affordances
  3. Fix all the things that didn’t work
  4. repeat 7 and 8 with a few other people
  5. make an information poster for the final show
  6. write up my artist’s statement for the final show

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