Project proposal: chocolate temperer

I want to create a tool to temper chocolate bars with designed weak points; this will allow chocolate to break into specific shapes. To accomplish this,  a heated bar mold to control the rate of temper of chocolate will be made. Ultrasonic speakers will be paced below the chocolate bar mold. As the material cools, standing interference waves will vibrate the chocolate to create low  pressure areas. The chocolate’s crystal structure / density will be different along specific lines.


  1. Design 3D model for chocolate bar
  2. 3D print
  3. Screen print resistive, conductive ink on thermoform, food-safe plastic to create heating element
  4. Thermoform printed plastic over 3D print
  5. Test heating element by running current through print
  6. Mount 2-4 ultrasonic speakers under the bar mold
  7. Program arduino to run through a sound (sine wave) sweep, user can press button when the desired interference pattern is shown.
  8. test!



  1. Arduino
  2. ultrasonic speakers
  3. push button (or capacitive sensor)
  4. thermoform plastic
  5. 3D print of chocolate mold

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