Spun Yarn

Spin 5 yards of single ply thread. Wind it into a ball using the ball winder. Spin double ply thread. Use the knitty noddy to make a skein, wash and dry yarn
how to spin single and double ply yarn
how much twist should you add?
using knitty noddy
finishing or setting the spun yarn
how to wind a yarn butterfly

extra resources
finding balance

Acid Dyed Yarn

Dye 2 skeins of yarn and 1/2 lbs of wool roving. Record your dye measurements, weight of fiber.
prepare skeins for dyeing figure 8 ties
how to open a skein of yarn, umbrella swift, ball winder
Immersion Dyeing with 1% Acid Dye Stock Solution (pdf with step by step instructions used in class demo)
mixing dye chart for Jacquard Acid Dyes (we will use these proportions even though we are using mostly ProChemical acid dyes)
dyeing yarn basics and beyond (a wonderful compilation of videos from Essence of Autumn Yarn).
*The Basics Of Hand Dyed Yarn (Part 1) – Protein Fibre Yarns
*The Basics Of Hand Dyed Yarn (Part 2 Section 1) – DYE
*The Basics Of Hand Dyed Yarn (Part 2 Section 2) – ACID
*The Basics Of Hand Dyed Yarn (Part 2 Section 3) – HEAT

extra resources
dyeing wool roving

Basic Hand Sewing Samples due 9/13

Follow the videos below to make hand sewing samples (from Soft Fabrication Micro):
cutting fabric
basic hand sewing stitches (basting stitch, tiny running stitch,
backstitch, overcast, blanket, appliqué)
Hem Stitch (slip) 
Hem Whip Stitch

Embroidery Sample due: 9/20

Embroider a word with or without additional designs (it can be your name) using an embroidery hoop (provided) with at least 5 different stitches (beyond basic runner and back stitch). The word (with or without additional design) must fill the space within the embroidery hoop. Use any color embroidery floss. Watch the following videos to learn the 5 stitches you wish to use.

watch this video first:
How many strands do I use? Tips on how to use & organize embroidery stranded cotton, floss & threads

learn new stitches from these videos:
Top 12 Stitches in Hand Embroidery
26 Hand Embroidery Letters for Beginners
Unique Embroidery Letters
Extraordinary Hand Embroidery Stitches 
14 Hand Embroidery Borders for Beginners

Resist Dyeing Samples due: 9/27

Watch Resist Dyeing Throughout the World and How to videos (see below).

Prepare 4 resist dye samples by 9/24. Copy what is done in the how to videos or alter. Document the weight of each fabric piece and identify your sample with a simple embroidery symbol or an embroidered initial in the corner before binding the textile for resist dye.

Dye 4 resist dye samples with your group during your group’s assigned time slot in the dye lab. Each group will be assigned dye colors. Document each color proportions. A small color swatch may be taken from each of your samples, so documenting the color recipe is vital! Bring the completed dry and ironed samples to class on 9/27.


Resist Dye Samples:
1. stitched shibori (woodgrain circle, botanical design, heart, diamond, or other)
2. bound with string
3. folded, twisted, wrapped around objects–your choice
4. surprise me

Resist Dyeing Throughout the World:
Natural Resist Dye in China
Tie Dyeing with Bai People
Japanese Tie Dyeing in Arimatsu 
The Art of Japanese Shibori
Tekumo Shibori
Step-by-Step Process for Making Batik
West African Textiles (an overview of textile traditions throughout Africa with many examples of resit dyeing fabrics)
Making Adire Cloth
How to make West African mudcloth (Bogolan)
Batik Block Printed Process Malaysia
Making Batik Fabric in Ghana
African Wax Print
Resist Block Printing and Indigo Dyeing in Europe

How to Videos:
1. stitched designs
Annabel Wilson of Townhill Studio – quick intro to her approach to shibori
Woodgrain Stitch Shibori
Floral Stitch Shibori Design
Stitched Heart Shibori
Stitched Diamond Shibori
Ori Nui (Teeth) Binding

Catharine Ellis, Woven Shibori and Natural Dye
How was it made? Shibori
Stitched Shibori Tie Dye Technique

2. bound with string
Kumo Shibori Tutorial
Kumo Shibori T-shirt
Kumo Spider Web tutorial
Kumo (Spiderweb) Binding

3. folded, twisted, wrapped around objects, clamped with blocks
Arashi Shibori-Pole Wrapping
Arashi II: New Patterns and Possibilities • Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Sekka Shibori Tutorial
Suji Shibori 
Raindrop Motifs for Rainy Season
Shibori Tie Dye Techniques – 5 Ways! Folding & PVC Pipe
Itajime shibori – basic introduction to block clamping resist dye
Itajime Shibori – teaser for going beyond simple clamps
Making Shibori Itajime Green Yellow Equilateral Triangle

4. surprise me!

Machine Sewing Samples 1-4

Students are required to watch the following videos:
Machine Sewing Powerpoint
Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing Machine  beginning – minute 21
From 2-D to 3-D Powerpoint (12 minutes long)

Students completed the following samples:
Sewing Machine Samples (tension setting sample, spiral, square labyrinth, letter)

Students should be comfortable with threading the sewing machine. Students should repeat making spiral and square labyrinth samples until they feel comfortable with the challenge and they are getting solid results.

Using Sewing Machines Available Through IDeAte:
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Brother), watch if you borrowed Brother or Janome HD-3000
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome HD-3000), only watch if you borrowed this Janome model
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome Mod-19), only watch if you borrowed this Janome Mod-19 model
Understanding Your Sewing Machine – Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 

Sewing Machine Manuals
Brother Manual
Janome HD-3000 Manual
Janome Mod-19 Manual
Singer 44S Manual

Machine Sewing Samples 5-9

Heart Sample, use the invisible stitch (ladder stitch) to close up the form once filled with poly fill
Flat Bottom Pouch
Dart Sample 1 & 2
Square Cushion

Patchwork Letter Quilt

letter block pdf

videos to watch:
a history of quilting in 4 minutes
Cloth and Culture: Quilted Objects from Around the World, subtitled
Gee’s Bend, Quilting Over Generation
How a Group of Women in This Small Alabama Town Perfected the Art of Quilting
Bisa Butler: Portraits
Craft in America: QUILTS episode

technical resources:
hand quilting basics
types of batting
Singer Heavy Duty 4423 38 Free Motion Quilting – how to put on a darning presser foot used for free motion quilting
SINGER® Darning & Freehand Embroidery Presser Foot Tutorial
free motion quilting
quilt binding
How to Quilt a Big Quilt on a Standard Sewing Machine