Animal Head Challenge

  1. print animal head template document and cut out (templates have already been sized to 200%); tape sections that were too big to fit on one page
  2. read general instructions
  3. read individual animal head construction instructions BEFORE BEGINNING, paying particular attention to CUTTING GUIDES and KEY
  4. follow along my videos while working on animal heads (keep videos on mute because I did not edit sound)
  5. use beeswax to strengthen the thread in your tool kits; this will also prevent it from twisting
  6. interfacing, batting, water based markers, beeswax, carbon paper and any specialty tool/material necessary to complete the animal heads will be in the Sewing Lab in a box labeled ANIMAL HEADS; foam board to be used inside BASE will be located near the ANIMAL HEAD box
  7. watch ladder stitch (2 min.) before begging to work on BASE

work alongside me:

everyone MUST read these general instructions
you will find construction instructions for each animal head in this folder
you will find templates for each animal head in this folder (templates have already been sized to 200%)