Class 8, Sept 22

Dyeing resist dye samples. All instructions are posted here. Choose 4 colors per group from the wall of color recipes. Place posted note on the color that you have chosen.

Removing tapestry from loom. Finishing tapestry by pulling all hanging threads into the weaving and cutting off ends and finishing the top and bottom warps.

Finishing a Weaving – good overview of all the options for finishing warp ends on tapestry
Weft Protectors Handout – pdf with step by step instructions for numerous ways to finish warp threads

Preventing the Unraveling of Weft Threads (while the tapestry is still on the loom):
edge stitch
double half hitch knot for weaving 

Hiding Loose Weft Threads (on the back of the tapestry)
hiding weft ends

Finishing Warp Threads (top and bottom of tapestry)
hiding warp threads inside weaving
simple knot (first example in the video)
twisted fringe
damascus edge
maori edge part 1
maori edge part 2
maori edge part 3

next class will take place in Sewing Lab, A4

Students MUST watch the following videos before next class (students will be quizzed):
machine sewing
Singer 44S Heavy Duty – beginning to min. 21