class 9, Sept. 27

Students were required to watch the following videos before coming to class:
Machine Sewing Powerpoint  
Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing Machine  beginning – minute 21

Students completed the following samples in class:
Sewing Machine Samples (tension setting sample, spiral, square labyrinth, letter)

From 2-D to 3-D Powerpoint (12 minutes long)
Students should be comfortable with threading the sewing machine. Students should repeat making spiral and square labyrinth samples until they feel comfortable with the challenge and they are getting solid results.

Using Sewing Machines Available Through IDeAte:
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Brother), watch if you borrowed Brother or Janome HD-3000
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome HD-3000), only watch if you borrowed this Janome model
Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome Mod-19), only watch if you borrowed this Janome Mod-19 model
Understanding Your Sewing Machine – Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 

Sewing Machine Manuals
Brother Manual
Janome HD-3000 Manual
Janome Mod-19 Manual
Singer 44S Manual