class 25, Dec. 1

Banners Critique

Participating Groups:

Apricitie (3 banners)
Apricitie (4 banners)

Last day to submit your feedback on Slack is Sunday, December 5th, 6am. Submissions past this time will not count.

Take at least 5 minutes per group of banners to observe the banners from both front and back. Feel free to unpin the banners to look at the back. If placing them on the work tables, make sure they are free of dye matter and are generally clean. Take notes and pictures while you are observing the banners for when typing up your responses and posting them on Slack.

Each student will give feedback to each group (including their own group) in a separate channel identified by the makers’ names. Each banner per group will be identified with roman numeral I, II, III, IV.

  1. What strategies are working to tie the banners together both visually and thematically?
  2. How well do the banners respond to the chosen word? Explain.
  3. Identify 6 or more successful elements in the banners per group.
  4. Identify 6 underdeveloped elements in the banners per group.