class 21, Nov. 15

due: Soft Banners (instructions for written feedback and critique on Slack are to come)
in class: wet felting demo + dry felting overview

rug making in Iran
needle felting a teddy bear skull
needle felting a cat
Felt Makers-Terelj, Mongolia
felt slippers part 1, felt slippers part 2, felt slippers part 3
felt boots
beaver wool hat making
needle felted gnome (good intro to dry felting)
dry felting doll faces (good video to watch for making complex dry felt forms)
batting versus roving

assign: Animal Heads
review: Textile Talk presentation schedule
powerpoint presentations must be uploaded to this google folder prior to 2:20pm on the day of presentation

11/17: Veronica, Sarah, Rachel, Proud, Phoebe, Jocelyn, Parrish
11/22: Reece, Elysha, April, J, Eugene, Julia, Heejin, Abby

to watch independently:
Weaving, Felt, Knit, Crochet Powerpoint Part 1
Weaving, Felt, Knit, Crochet Powerpoint Part 2

how to videos:
Felt Sphere Sample
Felt Sheet Sample
Felt Hollow Sphere Sample 
Washing and Dyeing Felt Samples 
Heart Needle Felting Sample