Embroidery Sample due: 9/20

Embroider a word with or without additional designs (it can be your name) using an embroidery hoop (provided) with at least 5 different stitches (beyond basic runner and back stitch). The word (with or without additional design) must fill the space within the embroidery hoop. Use any color embroidery floss. Watch the following videos to learn the 5 stitches you wish to use.

watch this video first:
How many strands do I use? Tips on how to use & organize embroidery stranded cotton, floss & threads

learn new stitches from these videos:
Top 12 Stitches in Hand Embroidery
26 Hand Embroidery Letters for Beginners
Unique Embroidery Letters
Extraordinary Hand Embroidery Stitches 
14 Hand Embroidery Borders for Beginners