There are a few elementary things you can do to ensure that you receive a totally respectable grade in this course. These things may seem simple and obvious, but they can be hard to get right and are vitally important:

  • Be present. Show up to all of the course sessions, on time.
  • Be responsible. Communicate with your instructor beforehand if you must miss a session.
  • Be aware. Contribute to the well being of the class community. 
  • Be diligent. Submit all of the Assignments, on time.
  • Follow instructions: do all parts of the Deliverables, paying careful attention to seemingly trivial requirements (such as categorizing your blog posts correctly, using quality photo documentation, giving your Slack post a title in the requested format etc.).

There are also some things you can do to earn a really great grade in this course:

  • Make interesting, novel, provocative work that’s well-crafted.
  • Document your work well.
  • Be fearless and resourceful about getting the assistance you need.
  • Help your classmates when they’re stuck.
  • Make helpful contributions to discussions.


This is a class based in creativity and making. I strongly suggest that you (the creative maker) to make the assignments interesting to you. Our assignments are starting-points, prompts and propositions. 

Notwithstanding the above, you will always be expected to conform to certain basic expectations in regards to deliverables and documentation. Did you include an image of your project? Did you write the requested narrative and reflection? These expectations are non-negotiable.


There are 5 major assignments: Song Weaving, Sample Book, Textile Talk, Improv Banners (collaborative), and Alter Ego (which can be collaborative or individual). Challenges and samples throughout semester comprise the Sample Book. All assignments are due at the start of the class on the due date indicated, unless otherwise stated. Due dates for each assignment are listed on the course schedule (subject to change). Late Final Project will not be accepted (without special advance permission). Students can redo any assignment and resubmit for grading before the final class. Late assignments will loose 10 points for each late week (unless special permission was granted in advance).


Projects and Deliverables are graded as above, A-F

Specific point structure, equalling 100 points:

  • Tapestry Weaving: 20 points
  • Sample Book and Challenges (10 points each): 20 points
  • Textile Talk: 10 points
  • Improv Banners: 20 points
  • Final Project: 20 points
  • Slack, Discussions, Participation: 10 points


This category includes active participation in the class community, being present in class activities (not using social media, not actively texting, not checking news etc), stewardship of communal space and resources, participation in clean up, helping peers, contributing to discussion and critiques, attentive listening, general demeanor and respect of peers, faculty, and staff, regular posting of work in progress in Slack in the requested format and in appropriate folders.  Poor participation in any one of these categories may result in loss of 10 points at the discretion of the instructor.

(Credit: The text above is adapted from syllabi by Golan Levin.)