Looking Outwards -03

laser cut display for ICFF 2011 - front side

laser cut display for ICFF 2011 - back side

This digitally fabricated object is the most interesting jewelry holder I have ever seen. The creator, who is simply named Jessica on her blog, has been creating digitally fabricated jewelry ever since the scraps from one of her projects was mistaken for it in 2007. She creates these designs herself, therefore fabulously displaying both her technological finesse and her admirable creativity.

The only thing said about the algorithms used or how they designed it was that Jesse (presumably Jessica’s partner) used a processing program to develop the holes and connectors for the piece. Jessica does also state, though, that they used “a tangent planes method” to create each of the panels that they connected together.

Personally I really enjoy the shape and the coloring of this display and, if I had the room for it in my dorm, I would very much enjoy hanging my jewelry on it -perhaps something from Jessica’s collection!

A link to her blog about this particular creation is below, and there also is a picture of one of her bracelets that she designed.

we bought a laser cutter

radiolaria bracelet by Nervous System

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