In less than two centuries, visual technology has evolved from chemical capture of light in black and white photography to two dimensional and three dimensional film, and now virtual reality that provides the utmost realistic visual experience. VR has suggested to us a whole new way of experiencing the media, and further the world. Now, we can have the full visual experience of being at the Pyramid of Giza, the deepest of the Pacific and even outer space, all in the tiniest room with a phone and a pair of VR goggles.

A few years ago, Google had announced their new product called “Tilt Brush.” It is basically an electronic paint brush that can be used to draw in 3-D through Virtual Reality. The significance of Tilt Brush is that it has amalgamated the very primitive form of visual art-line drawing-with the tip of the edge technology of virtual reality, giving the lines a whole new dimension. Can this still be called a drawing? Is it a sculpture? Most of us are still not sure, but it sure has opened up doors for possibilities we did not even know we had.

There is more. Now, Tilt Brush has been augmented be addition of another sensory element-hearing. Google has merged the visual and the acoustic by adding musical notes to the path of the brush. The lines represent musical cords and melody and now we can create music not by drawing notes on lines but making visual art.

Many in modern art world had attempted to visualize music, or make visual art audible. But not much so far will get so close to being synchronized as Tilt Brush has done it. Drawing music opens new doors not only for artists but even more to lay people who are outside the profession of art or music. This includes the deaf and the blind.

It is not in the future, but today that we can ask, what does a rose sound like? or what does Beethoven’s symphony 9 look like? Can it be that there is some coherence in the beauty of visual pleasure and acoustic pleasure? All of this now is the user’s responsibility to explore.

Among plethora of uncertainties, one thing I can say for sure is,
“What a time to be alive.”

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