Denise Jiang- Looking Outwards 4

I found a sound project named “Mew” a very interesting experiment of interactive computational art. It is designed by students of Royal College of Art in London, UK. It is an responsive object, containing a distance sensor that let “Mew” interact with people when they walk towards it and encourages them to make further interactions. When they stroke the fur, it emits animal sounds according to the angle and how hard the press is. Observer can manipulate the sound while experiencing a touch of the fur. According to one of the student’s website, they created the project using sensors by Arduino. They had in total four circuits that each connects a sensor. They created sound effects using Max MSP, and there is a mini Mac imbedded inside the “Mew”. This project also took aesthetic values in. Through a simple form a stool, “Mew” reminds the observer that the animal sounds are programmed, although it gives a feeling that it is alive. The fur grabs the attention as it should, making the project interesting.

Mew Process
Emily Groves,Jackie Ford, Jakub Pollág and Paula Arntzen

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