The Wrong Way to Draw a Pirate’s Soundtrack is a graphical representation of the musical composition “He’s a Pirate” by artist Juanky Soriano. The piece is part of a larger series “The Wrong Way to Draw the Music”, which explores his experimentation with a generative drawing system using music performance. According to his website, his experiment analyzed Midi files into MusicString files. He developed a “midi2mstring” library to do so. Within the library every token is tied to a musical event. Next, he crafted his sketch using Processing to assign each token to a drawing event.

I think the project could have been improved by adding different allowing prior tokens to disburse after they are drawn. The layering on top of one another gave the piece a sloppy look. From my interpretation, I think Soriano is inspired by computational models based in living cells and so his use of p-systems are quite common.

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