Filtered Transparencies – Filipa Valente 2014

Filipa used interactive video projects transposed onto transparent fabrics that were could be interacted with by the audience to create holographic images and animations. It was showcased at the PASEO festival in Taos. I really appreciate the creativity that went into this artwork. I also really like how she made it an interactive experience for the audience in order to create a more personal feeling for them.

Filipa is an architect SBA/media artist who is based in Los Angeles, California. She studied to finish her BSc in Architecture at the Bartlett school of Architecture in London, and then went on to complete her Masters in Media Art and Architecture MEDIASCAPES at SciArc in Los Angeles. She has experience collaborating with several different well known architectural practices such as the Zaha Hadid Architects, Wilkingson Eyre Architects, Amanda Levete Architect, and the Synthesis Design + Architects in Los Angeles. Through this Filipa developed her own personal work and frequently participates in projects with other artists and architects.

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