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Anne Spalter is a digital mixed media artist. She was a math major undergrad at Brown University and then earned an MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In the 1990s she founded the digital fine arts program at both Brown University and RISD. Her piece, Waves: Sunrise, looks like paint being marbled together but is actually generated from a computer program. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find specifics on how exactly Spalter generated the piece. To me, though, it looks like Spalter created pools of color and then constantly changed the pools’ size and shapes in order to create the mixing, marbling effect.  She might have also put in a threshold to be sure that one pool of color never filled up more than a certain amount of the canvas to ensure that she had a dynamic image at every moment.

Waves: Sunrise

About Anne Spalter

Two captures from Waves: Sunrise


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