mreyes-looking outwards-MikroKontrolleur

Katharina Hauka and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes, MicroKontrolleur, 2015-2016

MicroKontrolleur is both and engineered instrument that uses gesture as a means of sound making. The instrument can be hooked up to any average microphone and It consists of a series of pulleys and foot pedals that can send signals to a software. The software than manipulates sound depending on what you are doing with the instrument. The instrument is naturally a very body performative act when played and can create a range of sound from small popping or clicking to storm like sounds. The musician playing the instrument must stand close to the microphone, looking as if they are going to sing into it. This breaks the viewer out of the common structure of how music is usually performed. In this is also begins to almost question the power dynamic between a singer and a band.

MikroKontrolleur2016 from Katharina Hauke on Vimeo.

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