Andrew Wang – Final Proposal

I will be trying to implement a drawing application that simulates Microsoft Paint. There will be functionalities to allow for erasing, box draw, circle/sphere draw, text input, and changing specific font, color, and weight settings. I will also be implementing the ability to capture and save the image that is drawn. If time allows, I was also thinking about adding the ability to hit start, stop, and record a video of the drawing sequence.

To create this I’m planning on drawing white over the canvas for erase, box, circle/sphere, and text input can be handled using the p5.js framework along with screen-capture. I was thinking about having the video function be created by taking constant screen-captures and and at the end calling some library to help create a gif out of the pictures. I’m not sure if p5.js handles this capability, but I’m sure a lot of libraries exist out there to help with this type of issue.

Example wireframe:


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