Emma NM-LO-09

Jenny Lee’s LO-06

eCLOUD by Aaron Koblin

I took a look at Jenny Lee’s Looking Outward post for week 6. It examined the project eCLOUD, which is an every change sculpture of a cloud. I think this project is so cool. The way the cloud changes the degree of brightness based on the weather to emulate a real cloud is so fascinating. I saw a bit in the video of when it was storming, the cloud flashed white briefly to mimic lightning. I would agree with my peer’s thoughts. She and I both agree this project is really cool based on it’s physical appearance and the connection to real weather. One thing that I don’t like very much is that the eCLOUD changes cities every few moments. I feel like the audience would not even realize that the cloud changed city when looking at it for a longer time than minute. I would also love to visit this airport to see it in person, but I wonder if updates could be provided after so many years? Maybe look into changing the shape of the cloud in addition to the brightness of each panel?

eCLOUD installed in San Jose Airport

Permanent Installation between gates 22 and 23 in San Jose International Airport

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