I was very drawn to / inspired by the folding aeroMorph inflatables created by MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group.

Through strategic layout of seams, the pouches bend and fold when inflated. This concept can be directly applied to wearable kinetic sculpture / costume, using multiple pouches with specific seam positioning to form 3D shapes to fit the body, or even create motion with inflation / deflation.

Testing and fabrication methods of the aeroMorphs are not immediately apparent. The seams are created through a custom heat-sealing head mounted to a 3-axis CNC machine that reads a 2D DXF file, which is similar to laser cutting procedure in a sense. Testing is done through software, allowing users to make minor changes and simulate results before fabrication.

Work closely related to aeroMorphs would be research done on “Pouch Motors” which create motion through inflation of pouches cut in specific shape.


Below are additional resources specific to aeroMorph technology.