May 6, 2022, 1PM to 3PM, in Hunt Studio B (our normal classroom)

Welcome! Today will review the semester through discussion, celebration, and looking at individual final works.


  • IDeATe has asked all projects to be cleaned out of Hunt Library spaces by May 14 so staff can begin summer reorganization.
  • Today we will be cleaning up Studio A and A31 together.
  • Please return the electronics we loaned you so we can reuse them next year: Bluefruit/Crickit boards, motor pumps, costume fans, batteries, etc.
  • Please also return any spare pneumatic fittings, tubing, hand pumps, etc.
  • If you can easily recover fittings from sample or scrap pneumatics, we could re-use them, but don’t expect every last one to return; please use your judgement.

Welcome & Warm-Up

  • Welcome
  • Warm-up led by Olivia


Discussion (30 min)

We will have a group discussion about the project and the event. To help get us started – please write a question or topic that you want us to discuss. We will the pull a topic/question from a hat to respond to.

Project Review (60 min)

We would then like each group to show documentation from their final blog post, reflect on the nature of the work, and answer questions from the class.

No doubt you learned technical lessons which could inform future work, but for this discussion we’d like you to focus on the ways this piece develops your artistic practice. With that in mind:

If you can step back and see the project from the audience viewpoint, how might it have been experienced? What kind of surprising readings emerged during performance? How did the musical performance exist in dialogue with the artifacts? In what ways was your intent clear or not in the performance?

Course Evaluations (15 min)


We will clean out the cubbies in Studio A and in A31. As noted above, please return electronics and reusable pneumatic components.