April 19, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Today we will review your next ‘performable prototype’ and have another chance to test with musicians.


Please vote on a title for the performance using this form.

The deadlines and deliverables for the final performance project are outlined on the project brief.

We will have a few musicians available around 1:30PM today (until the end of class) for more live testing.

This Friday afternoon Garth will be available to lead a tour of the WQED Studio B space. Tentative time: 3:30PM. Will this work for everyone interested?

Tentative tech rehearsal: Fri Apr 29 @ 2PM. We’re working on resolving the precise installation schedule.

The planned performance time is Fri Apr 29 8:30-10:00PM.

In Class

We will be meeting with each group. Please be prepared to show your current prototype.


  1. Due Thursday April 21: full-scale piece ready for rehearsal and final refinements.
  2. The next post is due May 5: please keep recording documentation as you go in order to be prepared.