April 26, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Today will be a work day.


  • Thursday April 28: class will be held at WQED Studio B, with pieces on location, for a performance rehearsal.
  • Computational Embroidery Machine workshop on Wed., May 4, 1-4pm – please email Olivia by Friday 4/29 if you want to attend.
  • As we get very busy this week, important to remember to clean up after one’s self in the A31 studio or other IDeATe spaces.
  • If anything is running low in A31, please let me know as soon as you see that something is running low by emailing Olivia
  • Tentative tech rehearsal: Fri Apr 29 @ 2PM. We’re working on resolving the precise installation schedule.
  • Our final review is scheduled Friday May 6, 1PM to 3PM. Location is TBA; we were assigned a room in GHC, but it may be more convenient to meet in Hunt.
  • The deadlines and deliverables for the final performance project are outlined on the project brief.

Hypnotic Pneumatic Circus – Event Planning

Title, Timing, Description & Poster

Here is all of the pertinant information for you to invite your friends!

Hypnotic Pneumatic Circus
Friday, April 29 — 8:30-10pm
Studio B @ WQED
(4802 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213)

Starring students’ works from:
Kinetic Fabrics, Inflatables, Animation Studio, and the Tartan Tuba Band

Hypnotic Pneumatic Circus is an evening of music, inflatable-sculpture, kinetic costumes, and animation presented in the WQED Studio B.  The musicians of the Tartan Tuba Band will be augmented with robotic performative costumes designed by the students of Kinetic Fabrics.  They will be surrounded by architectural scale artworks designed by the students of Inflatables and illuminated with projections created by the Animation Studio.  Together, the inflatable sculpture and abstract music/sound create an immersive space for the audience to explore.


PDF versions of the Posters: BW Poster and Color Poster


  • Friday:
    • 9:00am — Expanded Animation begins setup
    • 1:00pm — call time for Kinetic Fabrics setup
    • 2:00pm — Expanded Animation tech rehearsal
    • 4:00pm — Expanded Animation students leave for another event
    • 4:00pm — dress/tech rehearsal for tuba band and kinetic fabrics (projectors and inflatables are in place)
    • 6:00pm — dinner
    • 6:30pm — “curtain call” for everyone (everyone must show up)
    • 7:30/7:45pm — dress the tuba players
    • 8:00pm — Inflatables turned on
    • 8:15pm — Tuba players in position
    • 8:30pm — Audience begins to arrive
    • 10:00pm — show closes
    • 10:10pm — strike the show (take down the show and return everything to Hunt)
    • midnight – Hunt library closes

Food on Friday: We need to get a head count for dinner food.

  • Dinner: we will get dinner for everyone – ETA of food: 6:00pm. Will you be there for dinner?

Repair Kit/ Stage Kit

Each team should plan out what you will need to bring to Studio B on Friday in case you need to make any repairs or have back-up items should you need them. We will bring a general repair kit that has the following items: hand-sewing needles, thread, scissors, twine, clear tape, silicone tubing. You should bring any other tools, materials that you might need, such as: extra batteries (fully charged), wires, etc.

Questions to answer in class:

Please use this form (below) to answer coordination questions:

In Class

We will be meeting with each group. Please be prepared to show your current prototype.


The last post is due May 5: please keep recording documentation as you go in order to be prepared.